A day in the life…

Agility arrived to La Palma yesterday afternoon following a thirty hour passage. Long, complicated and boring story around that whole ordeal, but we are happy to be here.

We filled up with fuel upon arrival, had beer and tapas for lunch, and went for an early evening walk through the town center before collapsing into bed.

Today I worked on the stainless with a new magical product, we cleaned all of our filthy fenders (the inflatable rubber tubes that provide a buffer between boat and dock), walked through a replica of the Santa Maria, ordered beef, chicken, and pork that will be sliced, filleted and vacuum sealed ready to pick up tomorrow, and explored the general area. I found some yarn and bought a scarf (because who doesn’t need a scarf in the Caribbean?), Tim did a lot of weather research and some business stuff, and now the day is coming to an end. A pretty good day. I’m always happy with balanced days (work, fun, exercise, and a nice lunch) and am finding that isn’t the way this lifestyle works very often. It’s a sea of extremes. All work, all play, too much going on, absolutely nothing going on.  

Right now, the weather looks good for a departure mid next week. Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “A day in the life…

  1. Marybeth

    I am here, at the shelter, opening cans and cans of tunafish-is this the same as your life????? Hah!
    Please never think that I don’t find your posts interesting, cause it sometimes makes my day!

    -I think you need a chef, I think that I am that chef-let me know!!!!!

    Safe crossing, post when you can!

    1. Jerri Miller Post author

      Marybeth, between your fine cuisine and shelter chef experiences you would be the ultimate sailing boat chef! My cooking has been abysmal lately. Do you have a month to spare starting immediately?
      Miss you and miss opening those cans!

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