another day, another dollar


After tonight, only 3 nights to go. I can do that! It’s going to be so nice to sleep through the night. I don’t know how medical professionals do it. I can’t imagine the need to be awake at varying, long hours, and be super mentally alert and capable. I find it challenging to have to adjust our course 10 degrees, glad I’m not getting prepped for a four hour surgery or something.

This past summer, I noticed that after we were out on the sea for a day or two, I could smell land. There was a strange sooty smell associated with it. Pollution? The first time, I woke Tim up because I thought maybe the engine was burning. I’m curious if I’ll notice anything on this upcoming landfall.

I have come to the firm conclusion that I prefer the bright moonlit nights over the dark ones. I mentioned to Tim the other day that sometimes on night watch I think about The Twilight Zone movie where that awful creature was crawling around on the outside of the airplane. He didn’t want to hear about it, but then started talking about The Shining! Equally terrifying. The good news is that there have been no alien or monster boardings (yet) and we appear to be maintaining our sanity.

Rumtumtiger, I will send you an email with our loose itinerary within the next day or two.

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2 thoughts on “another day, another dollar

  1. Tom Metz

    We landlubbers, who are challenged by the drive to Denver if the traffic is snarled, have been alternatively astounded, elated, worried, tickled ( “yesterday a loose screw fell on our heads from above–something up there is going on”) and envious of your stupendous challenge.

    Have forwarded your blog to experienced “friends with boats” who express the same feelings–receiving replies mostly capped with “no way!”. Intelligence, fortitude, resilience, creativity, bravery and a loving, sharing relationship do not capture all of the ingredients of your trip. .

    We have learned so much–including our new metaphor: look for the Code Zero opportunities in life, let out the big one and go–but stay on watch for a dangerous change.

    Another favorite: “Everything will break”–you have to be ready to fix it yourself.

    The most original and amazing reality show available–and we are fortunate to be able to stream it ( no pun intended) daily.

    Thanks, and continued safe travels. Tom

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