Chance encounter in Paros 

Look closely and you can see that Victor photobombed us during lunch.  He liked the bread but preferred the half dozen french fries we hand feed him. The owner says he flys over regularly but has never come to a table and let people feed him. Amazing little encounter. 

4 thoughts on “Chance encounter in Paros 

  1. Nance

    Hope you’re having fabulous time. We had dinner with Syd and Elizabeth at the Rio on Saturday night, chance encounter that was great fun💚💙

    1. Tim Post author

      Thanks Nance, wish we could have been with you guys at both encounters.

  2. CK

    You guys look like life is agreeing with you! Just gave Syd heaps of beads for her creative endeavors! And saw Jesse at pizzeria locale. I’m hooked on that basil ice cream!

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