Day 112 Atlantic Crossing

We have 1318 miles to go. That means we made about 117 miles of progress towards our destination. Winds were about 10 kts so we left the spinnaker up all night. This morning winds died down to about 8 and after they hit 6 kts so we bit the bullet and started one engine. We’ll likely motor for 24 to 36 hours at this point and hope to catch a wave of 12 – 14 knots of wind. Motoring means we make 80 gallons of fresh water, do laundry in our washing machine and fully charge up the batteries so not all bad.

I’ve alway had this romantic vision of being becalmed in the middle of a large ocean and just waiting it out. We weren’t truly becalmed but I’ve checked it off my list anyway. No need to experience that. If it does happen again, Jerri will have to let me go swimming.

Finished Slaughter House-Five by Kurt Vonnegut. Great book about World War II but I guess everybody already knows that. I didn’t realize that we had bombing runs (Dresden -sp?) that killed more people than Atomic bombs in Japan. I feel so privileged to have lived my life in a relative period of prolonged peace. Thanks to everyone who has served in the military. I really appreciate it.

One thought on “Day 112 Atlantic Crossing

  1. Pam Buderus

    Reading your posts every day. Loving being able to live vicariously. Glad you are having a nice crossing, although it sounds like a little more wind would be appreciated! 🙂

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