Day 15 Atlantic Crossing

We have 700 miles to go and 150 miles of progress towards our destination. Nothing notable about sailing today. Same stuff different day. Forecast still looks good for an arrival on Sat. Essentially 1 day later then the original forecast for Barbados which is about a day closer so the 150 kmiles per day still works well for our estimate.

We did have some excitement today, although excitement in the context of being in the middle of the Atlantic. I was asleep at 11:00am or so and Jerri came to wake me up to help with a communication she was having with a catamaran just behind us. They are French and we had quite a bit of communication difficulty. Essentially they wanted us to txt message someone to call their sat phone service provider to activate their sim card. Since we only have email capabilities we said we would send an email and Jer took the information. We were only off by 4 of 5 letters so the email bounced immediately and we hailed them again to get a better email address. This time they used the universal code of letter and told us the email was i india, b bravo, z zulu etc. I though we got it right but hours later we got another bounced email return so I guess they are going to have to make the rest of their trip without a sat phone. We discussed a few other topics on our dialogue. They asked if we were running one engine and I think they were actually asking about our sails. I told them the weather looks good all the way to Tabago and they said they didn’t need any water because they had a water maker. At that point we wished them fairwell and goodbye. Maybe we see them in the Caribbean at some point. Communicating in person is always easier.

Other that that, a slow day on the high seas.

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