Day 16 Atlantic Crossing

We have 550 miles to go and made 150 miles of progress towards our destination today. Forecast still looks good for an arrival on Sat. At this rate we may make it fairly early on Sat morning which is fine. They are open 9AM – 2PM and we plan to clear in at Prickly Bay, Grenada Customs.

Today we saw the catamaran we communicated with yesterday. When I got up at 5AM they were about 3 miles ahead and to our starboard. I decided we needed to catch them and check them out since we didn’t know who it was and had nothing better to do. We had to zig zag in oder to get a little more speed and after 4 hours we caught up with them. Mission accomplished. At that point we cracked off and slowed down a little and I went off watch and slept four more hours. Not the most excitement we’ve ever had but it was something to do.

I’m not sure if the pictures work since I can’t see our website but I’ve attached a picture from where I sit looking over Jer reading on the deck with the code zero in the background. Without a fish eye lense or a drone it’s hard to see the sails. You can check out the gallery link in the top nav bar to see better pictures of the boat.

2 thoughts on “Day 16 Atlantic Crossing

  1. rumtumtiger

    Hi Jer and Tim…

    You don’t know us, but we’ve been thoroughly enjoying your blogs for a couple of reasons: I’m a friend of your sister, Kathy (I sang with her for years in the Scottsdale Chorus) …and my husband and I have been sailing a 2005 Leopard 40 for the last six years. We left our boat on the hard in Clarke’s Court Boatyard in Grenada last spring and have just picked it up and are sailing to Martinique for the holidays, before heading to the ABC’s and Columbia for the season. It would be great to meet you, so we’re wondering where you will be heading after Grenada. Kathy and I have long talked about us meeting up somewhere on the high seas 😉 and hopefully, we can make it happen!

    We wish you the fairest of winds for the remainder of your crossing…

    Nancy Anderson & Curt McLees
    S/V Rum Tum Tiger

  2. James Anagnostopoulos

    Pic came out great. Thanks! seas seem calm, beautiful day… looks soo pleasant.

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