Day 19 Atlantic Crossing

We have 70 miles to go and made 155 miles of progress towards our destination today. Forecast still looks very consistant and good for an arrival on early Sat.

Today was pretty squally and we kept having to make course and sail adjustments. No drama but not the best for sleeping.

Provisions are starting to look a little slim. We ate the last of the cheese today so we have to make it into port soon.

We sailed pretty hard today so we are in pretty good shape to get in early. That way we can anchor or take a mooring, dingy in with all our ships papers, maybe have breakfast and get some local currency and then clear into the country or Grenada when they open at 9AM. I think we’ll come back to the boat for a nap and then wash off some salt and clean up a bit. Can’t really think past that but I’ll be happy to experience land sickness which I always get after a long passage. Essentially the same thing as sea sickness but on land, especially when in confined spaces like a bathroom.

One thought on “Day 19 Atlantic Crossing

  1. Anyes

    So glad you made it safely, almost there!!! Never heard of land sickness before. Love reading about your journey every night. I really look forward to it. In a way I’m kind of sad you are reaching land soon😂

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