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The lions welcome you to what was the busiet harbour in antiquity. Photos from 16 years when we took the girls for a year abroad  compared to today


We motored by Delos two days ago, but decided against a visit due to choppy water and the cold weather and continued on to anchor off of Mykonos.  If anyone is wondering what happens on Mykonos during the shoulder season, the answer is absolutely nothing.  Perhaps we’ll have a different perspective after spending a night or two near town in the main harbor marina.  We spent two days hanging out inside, watching movies, playing yahtzee, reading, and not much else.  Today dawned bright so back to tour Delos.  Delos was considered the center of the world in 700 BC, was at its most powerful in Macedonian times, power was shifted to Rome in the 200 BC era, the city was sacked in 80 BC, and was up for sale by AD 3 with no buyers.  Given the history, not much has changed since we visited 16 years ago.  Most remarkable and very distracting to me were all of the wildflowers.  We were there in June or July last time and I don’t remember any color.  It was absolutely spectacular today. There were also a lot of cats around.  I think Tim and I may need to visit again with guests so I can focus a little more on the architectural remains and history.  Or not.  It’s a fun place to walk around and try to imagine what it would have been like to live there nearly 3000 years ago.


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