Of course I have to write about the food. We still have two heads of lettuce, two heads of cabbage, carrots, green and red peppers, onions, tomatoes, a cucumber, apples, citrus, one mango, and some root vegetable that the women at the market highly encouraged me to buy (there was a language barrier to deal with and all I know is that it’s not a potato and it was local), and a fruit that I initially thought was a variety of radish. The fruit looks vaguely familiar. I didn’t boil the cabbage, but lightly stir fried it to serve as a base for some leftover chicken stir fry to provide some crunch instead of serving it on rice. There is also some frozen broccoli and green beans. It’s time to start interspersing the canned and frozen goods in with the remaining fresh produce. Canned green beans make a decent salad base, canned asparagus is good, carrots okay, and there are a few cans of pickled cabbage, carrot, bean mixture that should be tasty. The freezer is well stocked with chicken, pork, turkey, sausage, and beef. All boneless and vacuum sealed. There’s a fair amount of cheese. A Greek salad will be on tomorrow’s menu. Everyday I sort through the fresh food and determine what should be eaten. A lot of people plan menus for passages, but I find it much better to be flexible for two reasons. One, eating the most “ripe” food first, and, two, we eat differently if it’s rough vs. calm (both type of food and how it is served – we’ve had passages where all food was consumed out of bowls). The entire S Pacific was geared toward the bowl.

We’ve been sailing consistently with no need for engine assist for 24, 36 or 48 hours (can’t remember). The wind is flakey tonight. Rather than adjust the sails (they are out wing to wing attached to cunninghams so it’s a major endeavor that requires deck work), I make minor adjustments to the course. I’m not the best at it and Tim sleeps with a small ipad mounted on the cabin wall and occasionally barks up orders. The sea is no longer incredibly calm, but still quite pleasant so no complaints (yet).

I have a top secret Christmas craft project going on that is keeping me occupied during the Mad Men binge watching. There are going to be some lucky people in my life this holiday season. ha ha.

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