We remain safe and sound in Grenada. After 4 nights in Prickly Bay, we moved to cleaner waters in True Blue Bay right next door. We were a little grossed out swimming in Prickly, but it was fun to see where all the long term liveaboards hang out and all of the activities activities going on. Yoga, Tai Chi, domino and card games, etc etc. Not that we participated in anything.

We’ve been working on boat “stuff”, the logistics of repairs, getting the boat hauled before we leave, and figuring out the lay of the land.

Yesterday we went for a long, muddy walk/hike to Hog Island and then to the yard where Agility will be hauled.

Today we’ll swim, walk into town and catch the latest Star Wars movie.

It rains a lot here, but so far easy to work around.

It’s necessary to look closely at the photo I posted to see the cow. Perhaps she provides the milk when the little bar is open.

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