New Years Day


I began reading Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline this morning. The epigraph she chose struck me as we prepare for this next stage in our lives.

“In portaging from one river to another, Wabanakis had to carry their canoes and all other possessions. Everyone knew the value of traveling light and understood that it required leaving some things behind. Nothing encumbered movement more than fear, which was often the most difficult burden to surrender.” Bunny McBride, Women of the Dawn

Tim doesn’t appear to carry the burden of fear, but I do. Right now, I’m working on managing the fear of leaving people and activities that I love behind. I realize that physical proximity doesn’t dictate friendships and that I will probably spend more time with my family and (some) friends in a more meaningful way than I do now. In regards to activities, I hope to make the most of what is offered to me by sailing. We have SUPS, nearly unlimited swimming possibilities, and my new Christmas gift from Tim, the Brompton foldable bike. As my friend Jean often says, “Onward!”

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