Lake Wakatipu in Queenstown

We spent a few days in Queenstown and while the weather didn’t cooperate we got out and played golf, hiked into town several times, took a helicopter ride to this vista above Queenstown, had a lot of terrific meals and binge watched 7 or 8 movies. Wonderfull Vail like ski town in the South Island, NZ.

The mountain range in the background is called The Remarkables.

Today we drive to the west coast and stay at the Te Waonui Forest Retreat  in the Franz Josef Glacier. There is a weather warning that we hope has just passed. Here’s a snipet – Bomb low weather arrives in Wellington with 160kmh winds still on the way. The local weather forcast is much better.



One thought on “Lake Wakatipu in Queenstown

  1. Dot

    So Beautiful…….I remember skiing in those Remarkable mountains some 25 years ago : ) Glad you are enjoying your time in NZ.

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