We anchored at sunrise and were immediately greeted by a sea turtle. Can’t beat that!

I couldn’t bring myself to say this at any point during the passage, but it was such a smooth, easy, pleasant passage – I was expecting a milk run, but it was the easiest passage I’ve ever been on. Except for being long. Piece of cake!!

7 thoughts on “Landfall

  1. Jesse Jensen

    Glad to hear you guys made it! I’ve been following your posts everyday at work. It’s a nice way to take a break and see how you are doing:) Hope you enjoy land and some rest now. Can’t wait to see you two in January.

  2. Greg Beserra

    I enjoyed the ride living through both of your philosophical journeys 🙂 congratulations and well done. We’re happy to hear you’re safe and sound (kind of)!

  3. Tom Metz

    What a finish–11 to 19 knots, to reef or not to reef [that is the question], steering while brushing your teeth, a virtual sprint to the finish. You are happy and safe, and we all feel better. Congratulations!

  4. Tim Goodacre

    Way to go! That has to feel fantastic to made it across so easily. I’ve really enjoyed following and learning about your adventures around the world. Amazing to me.

    I’ve been reading everyday on the crossing, and glad to hear it went so well. While you were watching Mad Men and reading for entertainment, I’ve been anxiously waiting for the next post

  5. James Anagnostopoulos

    Thank you soo much for including us on your journey. I got a lot out of it.

    In your posts, you describe all the books you read, the characters you met, and your learning’s….
    Reading your daily Posts, was my book. I have learned a lot, and met 2 great characters.

    Tim , who was very methodical, deep thoughts, and driven. Jerri who makes everything fun, the life line of this trip.
    Great line: “My task for the night is to get the Q flag out. That should kill about 30 seconds of time”

    I hope your grant us with an update on your transition to land.
    ie: how long does it take to get acclimated (ie: sea legs duration), how long did you sleep, etc..

    Thanks again!

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