Tim and I are going on “holiday” tomorrow, spending the night at a 5 star resort in Suonio (10K away) for Mother’s Day. Our excuse is that he needs a cab at 3:00 a.m. for a quick business trip to Boulder and we feel more comfortable with an organization taking responsibility for the driver to appear than arranging it on our own. I’m super excited because it looks beautiful, we have massages arranged, room service, and unlimited hot fresh water (in backwards order). Yee ha! I’m going to take at least 4 baths and even more showers.

We had a little check out today so that I can deal with our energy requirements in case the solar doesn’t keep up. I can plug in to shore power or run the engines and it was good to have a reminder of the different steps involved. Throughout the process, I kept thinking about the elf/dentist in Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (one of my all time favorite films) saying, “I’m IN DEE PEN DENT” because that’s kind of how I feel. A strong reminder that I am not the captain of this ship.

My plans for the next several days include eating only popcorn (with an occasional pizza or calamari thrown in if I get bored), completely scrubbing down and re-organizing the interior of Agility, walking for at least a couple of hours a day, finding some yarn, provisioning, and continuing to work on learning how to crochet. Seriously, I feel like I’m 12 years old and have a Friday night home alone. I suppose most kids would have called their friends, but that was never my program. I’m going to maximize every moment of solitude.

3 thoughts on “Lavrio

  1. afelixreese

    Jeri, I know you don’t know/remember me, but I so love this post! It captures the essence of your journey, AND what many moms can relate to – even if we have it all in the comforts of our terra firma lives, we just don’t get that ahhhhh moment to enjoy it. Popcorn, walking, and learning to crochet sounds AWESOME! Happy Mothers Day!

    1. Tim

      Jer: I do remember you! You had such a positive impact and were so helpful with Rally. I clearly remember meeting you because Tim talked about the great work you did and I (for a change of pace) actually focused when I met you!
      Thanks for the nice message and happy Mother’s Day!

  2. Tom Metz

    So, back on the”mainland”, docked in Lavrio. And if in Suonio, you are pretty close to the Temple of Poseidon. Majestic! Tim, have a safe trip back to Boulder and Jerie, have a great Mother’s Day!.

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