Lifelong Agility – Chapter 10

Some of you may be wondering where we are and what we are doing so here’s an update.

We are home in Boulder and have been in Scottsdale, AZ thinking about what’s next after our sabbatical sailing around the world. Well here’s the news – never a dull moment.

We are under contract to buy a home in Scottdale next week. We are going to stay based in Boulder but will enjoy getting out of the cold in sunny Arizona when possible. Come visit later this year.

We will be back on the boat in two weeks for a couple months and then we will put Agility on the market and move back and on to our next big chapter.

Crossing oceans on a small boat and swimming with whales will end but walking Colorado mountains & Arizona deserts whacking a little white ball is fun too. Don’t worry I’ll still have some adventure in my life since I plan to work with several venture-backed software start-ups. Jerri has always been game for more stress in our lives, God bless her.

8 thoughts on “Lifelong Agility – Chapter 10

  1. Amy Felix-Reese

    I love it! Sounds like you did a great retrospective on your last few sprints. Congrats on your integration of warm/cold adventures. I think the only thing missing is space, the next frontier. 😉 Only you can make me laugh out loud with your ‘god bless her’. She is a saint, you know…

  2. Tim Post author

    I’m not sure Jerri appreciates the space Idea. I am a huge Elon Musk fanboy so you better be careful putting those thoughts into my head.

  3. james

    Thanks for sharing your journey with us. I truly enjoyed reading these blogs.

  4. Tom Metz

    It has been great turning the pages with you— thanks for sharing the Kindle version of your adventure with all of us. “Unfathomable” is the way to characterize your recent experience to many of us—and the embedded root of the word is right on point.

    See you up in Boulder when it is warmer.
    Tom and Pat

  5. Denny Hanson

    Thanks you guys for sharing all of your adventures around the World. I have enjoyed being clued in to your adventures. Hope to see you soon!

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