Menorca continued 

We spent a few more days in Menorca. One anchorage had an estuary that we were able to paddle board up for about a mile or so in a light mist. There were occasional sulfur hot spots, lots of vegetation, and no alligators. It was swampy and seemed a perfect environment for gators, but I’m don’t think they live in Menorca. If they do, I’m sure we’re lucky to still be alive.  That afternoon we continued southwest and found another excellent spot. It was a small anchorage surrounded by high cliffs with caves that people used to live in and was at some point the largest necropolis in the Balearics. There were half a dozen boats anchored, we tied to shore, hiked, watched rock climbers, did some swimming, and left the next morning for Mahon to pick up a new knot meter. We had another late paella lunch, slept well, and took off for Mallorca early the next morning.

We haven’t done much in Mallorca. The first night we went out for a fabulous dinner, but it was a loud and sleepless night for me so yesterday we ended up at another anchorage and were pretty worthless all day. Right now we are en route to Cabrera and will return to Palma on Sunday where we’ll meet up with our friend Heather and her boyfriend Max. Yay! We’ve know Heather since she was 3 and she has sailed with us in Greece and Mexico. Will be fun! Plus we spent nearly 2 months in Palma 16 years ago so I’m anxious to see the city again.  


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