Tim and I are very happy to be here.  16 years ago we had a brief stop en route to Mallorca and always wished we had a longer time to spend.  We were correct in hoping for that. We’ve only explored Mahon, but it’s a lovely town and we are also able to get some work done.

Yesterday we needed to get entry stamps leading to a 3 hour adventure.  Our problem is that we are only allowed 90 out of every 180 days in most of the EU countries.  Most countries are very open and not worked up about people traveling, but we need proof of when we’re at sea and not on EU territory.  Since we’re primarily bopping between EU countries it’s necessary to explain on each exit and re-entry why we need the stamps.  It typically involves several different offices and a significant amount of explaining, phone calls, and waiting.  But we got it done!

We also found someone to repair our salon seat cushion upholstery and alter our bed covers.  Our covers are gigantic and a huge hassle to deal with.  I have no idea why I didn’t address this earlier, but I’m relieved to get a few feet chopped off so we no longer have to sleep with heaps of extra covers.  It will also reduce the 40 minute making of the bed time.  Sometimes I think I’m going to die in there.

We also got our VHF repaired, are getting the rigging inspected, fixed a couple of other miscellaneous items and found an excellent grocery store.  Whenever we find sugar free Red Bull and Coca Cola gummies along with good produce it’s major score.

Photo is of a square rigger behind us in the marina.

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