The Flat World Society

We learned about the flat world society recently while shipping our boat to Greece from New Zealand.  The tracking application on Agility enables followers to watch our movements by looking at Where are we on the blog. What I’m about to share can be affirmed by looking at that page and scrolling around the globe.

First, check out our location in Genoa, Italy where Dockwise Yacht Transport ( delivered Agility.  It is then possible to follow the tracks Mats, our delivery captain, laid down moving the boat from Italy to Greece.

But wait – look halfway around the globe and there are no tracks after Agility left New Zealand.

During that passage on the transport ship I was wondering where did Agility go?

Did she sail off the edge of the world?

I checked to make sure there wasn’t some dirty tricks with our whole Pacific crossing, but the tracking is correct and shows everywhere we went from Chile to New Zealand.

I’ve alway had an inquisitive scientific mind and late last year I starting questioning my beliefs. I had a suspicion that fake news was heavily influencing my belief system.  Recently, I came across the following true video that I will share with a caveat that what’s about to be learned can never be undone.

Christopher Columbus was my hero but no more.



2 thoughts on “The Flat World Society

  1. Tom Metz

    On the curvature issue, Hal Ketchum in the great song “Small Town Saturday Night” offered this:

    Bobby told Lucy: “The world ain’t round.
    “Drops off sharp at the edge of town.
    “Lucy, you know the world must be flat.
    “’cause when people leave town, they never come back.”
    They go ninety miles an hour to the city limits sign.
    Put the pedal to the metal ‘fore they change their mind.

    Hope this helps,

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