Tim and I arrived in Valdivia 5 days ago.  Our time in Vina del Mar went exactly as planned with lots of walking, bike riding, reading, beach time, and some sightseeing.  One day we walked to Valpairaso to check out the huge market, cool graffiti, and the old cemetery. We also visited a winery and Pablo Neruda’s home in Isla Negra.  An appropriate finale to our two weeks was feeling the tremors in Santiago while watching the early results of the New Hampshire primary.

Tim has posted photos so you can see that Agility is coming along quickly and all is looking fantastic.  We are anxious to move aboard, but don’t want to impede the workers.  It’s high season in Valdivia so we are moving around to wherever we can find optimal lodging.  We’ve had some great food; my favorites being Pullmay (mussels, sausage and chicken steamed in a mesh bag served with a side of incredible broth) and an individual serving of Nescafe accompanied by a mug of very hot, very fresh cow’s milk.  Yum.  A whole new dimension to instant coffee.

Now it is about being patient, being present, and also seeking some diversion while waiting to sail.  The launch has been delayed until Monday morning at 10:00.  We’re very pleased to be able to participate in the christening with Alex’s wife Jackie in charge of the blessing and champagne breaking.

Until Monday….


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