We found the perfect spot in a national park to spend a few days.  There were tons of small bays tucked away and little islands providing fun paddle board exploration, along with a quiet road for some walking.  In the early morning, Tom’s bakery boat motored by, a produce guy cruised around later, and, most exciting, a late afternoon ice cream boat!  I explored every road by bike (they were all dead ends after a mile or two except one that turned to dirt and then cobblestone that I dead ended on).  We  had a nice dinner out one night, saw a boat crash, and experienced an exciting thunderstorm.  A whole summer worth of activities wrapped up in three days.

Moving on, we are working our way back south and have had fabulous sails.  As they say, smooth sailing….it’s been delightful.

This morning is a bit windy and I’m not sure if it’s our anchorage or if things are picking up, but I’ve become accustomed to the perfect amount of wind and waves and hope this doesn’t portend roughness.

I’ve included two photos of the park.  One from a bike ride that shows two little island mounds – Aglility is hiding behind the closest one and the other a quiet morning bay shot.

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