Not much to report. The wind picked up around dawn and we are now moving along quite nicely with the screecher up. Averaging around 9 knots.
It was nice to get a load of laundry done yesterday, I changed the sheets, and overall have been able to keep the boat nice and clean. Oftentimes, things get trashed during a passage. Lots of salt water to deal with. I’ll rinse out the cockpit this morning. A flying fish managed to hit several areas in the cockpit leaving scales and blood all over the place. Poor fellow.
My Kindle may be on it’s last legs. I’ve thought that for awhile, but now it’s randomly rebooting on it’s own, there is a big delay with changing pages, and error messages keep popping up. I have a few paperbook books so it won’t be a complete tragedy if it goes. My top secret Christmas project is on the Kindle so I took photos of the relevant pages last night. Okay, off to do some cleaning!

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