The Final Countdown

Toni, my sister-in-law, watched the sunrise every morning during her time on Agility. I’ve seen a lot of sunrises during our two years of cruising, but not recently so I took advantage of waking up at 4:30 and settled in the front cockpit with a cup of coffee to appreciate the dawn.

Our 10 days with Rich, Toni, and Finn were a spectacular way to finish off our time sailing. Rich kept referring to it as the Final Countdown and we played that 80’s tune by Euro a few times to enhance the trip – or not. Everything went so well, including the things that didn’t go well – if that makes sense! There are always things beyond our control while traveling and sailing, but missing Montserrat allowed us to have an extra day in Guadalupe, being confused and somewhat unenthusiastic in the port of Nevis resulted in having an amazing authentic Caribbean lunch, and having the anchor get caught in Nelson’s was the perfect amount of drama. Finn had a blast, spent some time at the wheel, was incredibly helpful with everything, an expert at snagging the mooring balls, and even let us refer to him as swab now and then. Our fishing reel broke so he wasn’t able to catch any fish, but there was other stuff to do.

Now we are quietly anchored in Nonsuch Bay in Antigua enjoying a few final days before Mats arrives to deliver the boat to R.I. There is a lot of kite surfing going on that we enjoy watching and a great reef to snorkel to. We are slowly organizing our packing, cleaning a tad, the misc project, and a lot of reading and trying to finish some DVDs. It’s strange packing because I can remember either packing or receiving each item that is now returning with us. Two years goes by quickly. No regrets, but I’m sure we’ll experience some bittersweet moments over the next several months.