Tues morning update


I feel as though I’m finally getting into the swing of things. I’m able to space out for hours at a time. The other night I got up, sat outside, and did nothing for 2 hours. Yesterday morning I spent an inordinate amount of time observing the sailboat near us. I sat outside and looked at it, checked it out through the binoculars, watched it through the windows, and repeat – all morning. The noise in my brain has shut off. I’ve never gone on a meditation retreat so I probably shouldn’t speak for what happens on one, but I have the feeling it’s not all that different than what I’m experiencing now. I used to run a lot and that had a similar, but more short term effect.

Not much new to report. The atmosphere is becoming hot and sticky.

We are under the 600 mile mark and despite my newfound peaceful state, I’m still very much looking forward to landfall. One thing to note for people that are curious about this lifestyle is that arriving to land, especially hot humid land, where we don’t have a car and do lots of walking will mean blisters. We will have been shoeless for three weeks. In Papeete, everyone came from far away, and we all shared the blister problem. Plus there is enthusiasm to walk after being cooped up. Nothing is easy….

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