Turtles, goats and Oscar

We sailed to our favorite anchorage in St Bart’s today. It was a rough couple of hours and once we arrived we immediately jumped into the water for a nice snorkel along the rocky edge of the bay. We were eager to explore since the water has been murky for awhile due to a weird surge, but was nice and clear today. We saw lots of beautiful fish, but the highlight was spending half an hour swimming with a few different sea turtles. I love the gracefulness of a large turtle swimming – absolutely beautiful.

Later in the afternoon, we were sitting in the front cockpit reading and spotted goats on the hill next to us! We were both enthralled with all of the goats in Greece so very happy to hear the bleating and see the agile little dudes running around.

Finally, I’m pretty sure I spotted my only friend in the Caribbean, Oscar, who was wildly waving from the Heineken bar while we passed through the St. Marteen bridge last night. I was pleased to see he made it out of Grenada.