Twinkle twinkle


The shooting stars are outrageous tonight. I don’t know if there is a celestial event going on that I’m unaware of or what, but I quit counting at 20 and they keep coming.

I rescued a fish. I was staring at the windspeed on the instrument panel when I heard some rustling in the cockpit and discovered a flying fish flopping around. I tossed him back into the sea where he has hopefully met back up with his buddies and forgotten all about his little adventure by now.

Other than that, I’ve consumed 3 cups of coffee, have started on the mint tea, and am only 2 hours into my watch. Tim stayed up for awhile when I took over due to us being on a collision course with a fishing boat and then woke up again with a big wind shift/gust and I told him he needed to sit outside for a few minutes to watch the stars. That means I’d like to stay up for at least 3 more hours so he gets a decent chunk of sleep. We shall see…

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One thought on “Twinkle twinkle

  1. Pam Buderus

    You just experienced the Geminids Meteor Shower from the best place possible! 🙂

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