Tyrell Bay

Wow. Rough start after 6 weeks off. Yesterday involved all sorts of strategic maneuvering to get both jib sails back up in quite windy weather in Grenada. The launch back into the water went well and we picked up an amazing and gigantic meat and fish order so that was good and we were ready to leave, but had to get the sails up. We managed to raise the aft sail during a brief lull in the wind and then decided to move north to another anchorage that was hopefully less windy and also closer to our destination of Petit St Vincent. That worked out, we got the forward sail up shortly before sunset, had an early dinner and went to bed. We were both worn out. The anchorage was rolling and loud (live music until the wee hours – really wee hours – last I noticed it was 4:00 a.m.) resulting in not a great night’s sleep. We took off at 8:00 and it was a big bash into the waves. We were able to sail, but it was slow going. We bailed out in Tyrell Bay, Carriacou and are safely anchored. I’ve begun the clean up from the morning (dishes, miscellaneous debris tossed around, and some salt water in the showers) and we’ll wipe off the exterior stainless with fresh water and do a quick rinse of the cockpit. Things got well dosed.

I suppose it’s good to get a jump start on getting our sea legs back. We should make it to Petit St Vincent in a couple of hours tomorrow. I still don’t feel 100% from whatever viral issue I have, but tomorrow will be perfect! I’m sure of it!

One thought on “Tyrell Bay

  1. james

    Good luck on you journey.

    These posts are a treat. Especially for people like me who “live on the hard” year-round.
    Ps: I can’t wait to use that phrase with my other boat friends.

    Please keep posting.

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