week 1

No complaints regarding the first week.
Tonight has been active. The wind has been all over the place both in strength and direction so constant monitoring and steering taking place. Nothing at all alarming or extreme, but more annoying than anything. Things finally seem to be settling in after a couple of hours.
I’m tired tonight. I forgot that even though the body does adjust somewhat to the odd sleep cycle rhythm, the passages are still a tiring affair. I struggle with the post dinner sleep time, but have discovered that if I listen to an Audible or podcast I feel more rested than if I spend the time tossing, turning, and panicking about having to get up soon. Sometimes it seems as though I only get a couple of hours of restless sleep in before Tim wakes me up, but last night I got a good solid 4 hours and hopefully that will start happening more. However, when I go to bed post night watch, I sleep like a dead man. It feels so good to climb back into bed and I’m out instantly.
I hope to make it another 90 minutes and give Tim a little extra time since I made him get up for awhile when the radar showed what looked like some potential squalls. I hadn’t seen that much action on the radar before and I guess I’m a little paranoid after the water spouts in Sicily. Nothing came of it. That’s it from the middle of the Atlantic.

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One thought on “week 1

  1. Anyes

    Thinking of you guys!! You are so brave and courageous. Really. I am not sure I could do it. I wish I could just magically appear and hang with you for just 1 night😃

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